BenchMark, the National Council of Jewish Women's Campaign to Save Roe, educates, mobilizes, and advocates -- reaching out to the decision-makers in Washington, DC to deliver your voice on the importance of fundamental freedoms, including womenís right to reproductive choice.

The future will be set by judges who hold lifetime seats on the federal bench. Anti-choice judges are already attacking the right to abortion. And more anti-choice nominees are waiting in the wings -- positioned to render decisions that will define freedom for generations to come.

As Jews, we understand what it means to have fundamental rights and liberties stripped away. We cannot be silent on this issue.

Reproductive rights are closely tied to religious freedom. Women have the right to be respected as moral decision-makers, able to make choices based on their own beliefs and traditions. For the courts to impose one religionís view on all of us defies the very meaning of religious liberty.

92% of the Jewish community is pro-choice. It is time to bring the power and the voice of that community together.

It is time that you fight to protect your own freedom.

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